Blues and Bullets On Standstill, Developers Facing “Difficult Times”

| September 28, 2016
Blues and Bullets On Standstill, Developers Facing "Difficult Times" 2

A Crowd of Monsters’ Blues and Bullets has always been a bit of a rare gem. Praised by fans and critics alike as a crime noir take on the Telltale-esque adventure format, the game follows Untouchables agent Eliot Ness as he teams up with Al Capone to solve the mystery behind the disappearance of several young children. Sadly, Blues and Bullets has faced a significant gap between the release of Episode 1 and Episode 2, with Episode 3 still unreleased. A recent post on NeoGAF explained why: the Blues and Bullets developers are facing “difficult times” internally, according to the team.

The developer’s announcement follows shortly after fans were wondering whether the game was cancelled. One Steam user claimed that the game was cancelled after he had spoken to a developer over DM. “[The anonymous developer] told me that they haven’t been called in for work on the project in about a year, said that the studio has completely run out of money due to a failed mobile port, and that the company has no full time employees,” user Holly King said. “So, no more Blues and Bullets episodes, the game is done.”

The news quickly reached A Crowd of Monsters, and the studio proceeded to clarify the game’s situation on Twitter. “No, Blues And Bullets is not cancelled,” the developers stated.”We are passing through difficult times, but the game is not cancelled. If we cancel it we will advice [sic], don’t worry.”

If the post on Blues and Bullets‘ discussion page is accurate, then the full season of Blues and Bullets will be sorely missed. Many fans bought the season pass, too, expecting to enjoy the entire five-part offering that A Crowd of Monsters planned to produce. While there’s no official word if Blues and Bullets will be canned, things don’t look promising for the game’s fans.

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