Borderlands 2 Coming to Playstation VR

| October 9, 2018
Borderlands 2 Coming to Playstation VR 1

Fans of vault-hunting and VR rejoice because Borderlands 2 is blasting its way onto PlayStation VR.

2K Games announced the news today and revealed that the full Borderlands 2 experience will be making its way to PlayStation VR on December 14, 2018. The game will retail for $49.99 USD and players who pre-order Borderlands 2 VR will receive instant access to an exclusive PlayStation theme featuring four iconic Vault Hunters. The announcement comes off of the heals of the 2nd anniversary of PlayStation VR and the 10th anniversary of the original Borderlands game.

Brian Burleson, a producer at Gearbox Games said that the upcoming port will feature a new ability called ‘BAMF TIME’, which gives the player the ability to “dodge bullets, pull off 360 no-scope headshots,” and increase overall movement and attack speed. Burleson also said that the decision to bring Borderlands 2 to PlayStation VR was a natural one.

“As soon as we brought the game to PS4 as part of The Handsome Collection in 2016, our brains immediately began cranking on how we could bring the experience to VR and take advantage of PS VR’s capabilities. We all have spent years immersed in the world and these characters, so we were excited to utilize the PS VR to bring everyone in even deeper,” he said.

One of the features that isn’t making its way to VR is co-op, as the game will only feature a single player mode. As a result, the dev team reworked a couple of abilities that rely on a partner, most notably Maya’s group Res ability which is now a solo buff called Empathy. The game will also feature a first-person driving complete with headset aiming for any and all weapons.

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Borderlands 2 was originally released on September 18th, 2012 on PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and PC. It received mass acclaim and sits at an average score of 89% on review aggregate site Metacritic. Since its original release, Borderlands 2 has come to PlayStation Vita, PlayStation 4, XBox One, Mac and Android.

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