August Destiny 2 Showcase Announced By Bungie

Bungie Announces August Destiny 2 Showcase

In a tweet, Bungie has invited Destiny 2 fans to “witness what’s next” as the developer prepares a showcase for 23rd August.

While little was said in the official announcement on what the livestream would entail, with the clear roadmap already outlined in the past, there will almost certainly be details related to the enigmatic Destiny 2 Lightfall expansion that was announced yet little has been said since the news.

Lightfall, planned to launch sometime in 2023, will be one of the last expansions to Destiny 2, and will serve as a bridge between this year’s The Witch Queen and the last expansion known as The Final Shape. In a press release related to the announcement, Bungie announced the livestream would explore “highlighting key moments from the Light and Darkness saga.”

“We have seen enough. The children of Sol cry out for salvation,” is heard by the narrator of the teaser, giving a sense of the done and feel of the new expansion. “Enough death. Enough life. You have no pieces left to place.”

Bungie Announces August Destiny 2 Showcase 1

Lightfall will be Destiny 2s third chapter in the four-part finale to the Light and Darkness saga. It was once positioned as the final chapter, but Bungie has added another expansion to its roadmap. Lightfall is expected to arrive in early 2023, followed by The Final Shape in early 2024. Though this will end the current story arc of Destiny 2, Bungie has promised to support the game for many years.

It is still too early to say what players can expect from this new expansion, although new destinations are almost a given at this point, and if any of the details leaking out are to be believed there may also be the new Darkness subclass element to go with Stasis. Little else is known regarding Lightfall beyond it launching in 2023, and curious Guardians will have to tune into the event itself on Aug. 23 to find out more.

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