Call of Duty — Verdansk Gets Nuked!

Call of Duty — Verdansk Gets Nuked!

Call of Duty Black Ops: Cold War Season 2 has ended with quite the bang, as the map Verdansk gets nuked to make way for it’s brand-new iteration.

Yesterday at 3pm EST, Call of Duty players around the world jumped on their device of choice and loaded up Warzone to see the map they had all come to know since the launch of Call of Duty: Warzone get nuked, and it had a similar effect on the servers as well.

While the event was focused around Warzone, the server issues affected all players online at the time whether they were playing Warzone or not. Servers are of course up and running now, but yesterday’s nuke wasn’t the only thing that shook up the Call of Duty world.

Originally reported by VGC, the new Cold War iteration of Verdansk that players will begin to explore with Season 3 was accidentally available to some players prematurely. This was made possible through an exploit within private matches which were disabled until the exploit could be fixed. That didn’t stop several players though, including streamer Bartonologist who got an up close and personal look at the new map before everyone else. If you’d like to see for yourself before it all officially goes live, you can watch the streamer’s footage here:

YouTube video

The video shows the players being dropped via helicopter rather than an airplane, and that certain points of interest like ‘Quarry’ have been changed to ‘Salt Mines’ while a new point of interest is ‘Array’. The dam has been replaced by an aqueduct and multiple other areas in the map have been reimagined including the ‘Stadium’ and the ever popular ‘Superstore’.

Lastly one of the biggest changes seems to be for ‘The Gulag’, which has been replaced with the Black Ops 2 classic map ‘Standoff’. There are other references to previous Black Ops installments within the new version of Verdansk as well, though those points of interest are discussed by those in the video Bartonologist is playing with and not shown by the streamer himself.

Suffice it to say this is quite the exciting week for Call of Duty, with plenty more to come later today and tomorrow, as the event continues. Make sure to be playing later today at 12pm PT / 3pm ET to find out what is next for Verdansk, and check out some specifics on what to expect in Season 3 here.

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