CES 2023: Govee Showcases Innovative AI Gaming Sync Box Kit

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CES 2023 is in full swing with exciting technology peripherals already announced, and Govee brought their AI Gaming Sync Box Kit for show and tell.

At Govee’s first CES 2023, they brought the innovative heat the brand is known for delivering year in and year out. This time, they’ve gone above and beyond by pulling the curtain back on the AI Gaming Sync Box Kit. The product was unveiled at their CES 2023 at Venetian Expo booth #51232, utilizing their Govee-AI proprietary technology. Below, consumers can find the spec sheet for the exciting new peripheral.

CES 2023 Govee AI Gaming Sync Box Kit Specs

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  • Comes with a choice between three resolutions and refresh rates: 4k 60Hz, 2k 144Hz, and 1k 240Hz Max options for user customization and tailoring for individual needs.
  • Four total HDMi ports, with three going to the box, and one going out to the display. Two USB Type-C ports are also found on the box.
  • Supporting a wide range of displays with 27′-34′ monitors, and 55′-65′ + 75′-85′ TVs, covering a swath of displays to dilute wire pollution in the neediest of command centres.
  • Supporting up to seven total devices, with two wired + five wireless.
  • Smart control, HDR, Dolby Vision, and CEC are fully supported.

Govee LED Strip Light M1 at CES 2023, A Google Home Compatible Peripheral

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Govee details the future, and ongoing lighting support with its wide array of products. Matter support will also arrive with its launch in 2023 featuring massive support for its LED Strip Light M1 with “Govee will officially integrate with Matter to achieve better interconnection and provide users with the ultimate product experience. This integration will start with the Govee LED Strip Light M1(2m) launching in 2023, with additional products planned,” as revealed at CES 2023. Future compatibility such as Alexa and Apple Home will be introduced through Matter as well.

Consumers can now upgrade their lighting to fit their gaming needs as well with the AI Gaming Sync Light Box, and the price is currently listed from $300-$350 (but is still TBD) and launch will happen at a later date in 2023 for the AI Gaming Sync Light Box and the LED Strip Light M1. Fans can visit the Govee website for more information regarding their products.

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