Chris Pine to Star in New Dungeons & Dragons Film

| December 16, 2020
Chris Pine to Star in New Dungeons & Dragons Film

Chris Pine will star in the new Dungeons & Dragons film; it will be a live-action high budget film based on Hasbro’s ultra-popular game.

Hasbro and Paramount will produce the film with no estimated release date. Jonathan Goldstein and John Francis Daley are set to direct a script, which they’ve written based on a draft by Michael Gilio. Goldstein and Daley also worked on the films Game Night and Spider-Man Homecoming.

Megastar Chris Pine will surely not only entertain audiences but leave them craving more. Deadline reports, “They’re making plans to shoot first quarter of next year in Belfast.”

The Dungeons & Dragons game has remained popular since its release as a tabletop game in 1974. The Dungeons & Dragons film released in 2000 didn’t live up to fulfill fans and non-fans alike. Since the production in 2000, technology and CGI have grown to new levels, leaving the rest of the work up to the director. Casting Chris Pine, who has risen in popularity ever since his first breakthrough big-budget film Star Trek, and stars in the upcoming release of Wonder Woman 1984, is a wise and valuable choice to cast in the franchise.

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