Cooler Master Announces The CK720 Mechanical Keyboard Aimed at Enthusiasts

cooler master announces mechanical keyboard aimed at enthusiasts 022570

Cooler Master just announced the release of the CK720, a mechanical keyboard designed to be customized with hot-swappable switches.

The CK720 is the company’s first keyboard, created with enthusiast-level customization and design in mind. They claim to include a variety of goodies like hot-swappable switches, Kailh Box V2 switches, pre-lubricated stabilizers, and silicone padding.

“We’re huge fans of custom-built mechanical keyboards ourselves, so we wanted to make sure the CK720 is a great stepping stone into the hobby,” says Dennis Liu, Peripheral General Manager. “Although gaming keyboards remain an essential offering of our company, we couldn’t ignore the outpouring of feedback from our fans who wanted our signature quality in a hot-swappable mechanical keyboard.”

The CK720 allows users to mix and match each key with their preferred hype linear switches when they aren’t particularly fond of the smooth clicking of the Kailh box V2 switches in order to make itself “accessible for everyone without compromising on quality.” I won’t be switching the keys up, but the flexibility to modify the functions would be a nice touch. Cooler Master’s claims include the addition of a PBT Double-shot, which will allow the keys to be more efficient against heavy use, a 3-way customizable dial, and a response time of 1ms.

 “Whether you like smooth linear switches with maximum ‘thock’ or a sharp tactile typing feel with a marbly sound, the CK720 has the ability to achieve it.” said Liu “The CK720 is our answer to a niche segment of the hobby that we’ve seen explode in recent years.” 

Cooler Master boasts that their silicone padding, put in two distinct areas on the keyboard, will maximize a beautiful weighty “thock or clack” sound, absorb any of those hollow pinging sounds, and add some pre-lubed stabilizers for smoother feedback with fewer rattles.

If you value your gaming aesthetic, the CK720 might not let you down with its assortment of 16.7 million colour RGB backlighting options and ability to fine-tune macros, lighting modes, and other intricate settings with the new Cooler Master MasterPlus+ software. While the Kailh Box V2 switches are only available in Red, White, and Brown, they do provide a respectable foundation for RGB Lighting. The keyboard itself is available in Space Gray and Silver White.

The CK720 has a detachable USB-C connection that “enables the fastest connectivity with both Windows and Mac operating systems.” In terms of connectivity, only devices running Windows 8+ or Mac OS X 10.10 are currently compatible with the CK720.

The CK720 is available for pre-order now in the US and will be released October 25, 2022 For more information, visit the Cooler Master page.

While Cooler Master is moving toward more sophisticated systems that prioritize the needs of the customer, this type of keyboard is neither the first nor most inventive of its kind. The CK720 can be a good option for you if you value having a sturdy and dependable keyboard.

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