Dark Horse Comics and Mystery Science Theatre Team Up

Dark Horse Comics and Mystery Science Theatre Team Up

It looks like dreams really do come true. Dark Horse Comics is partnering up with Mystery Science Theatre 3000 to produce a series of comics and merchandise.

Milwaukie based comic and manga publisher, Dark Horse Comics (Harrow County, Aliens and Hellboy) announced on Twitter today that they would be teaming up with the cult sci-fi comedy TV series, Mystery Science Theatre 3000 for a comic series and product line. While Dark Horse has yet to announce any further details, the comic and manga publisher said that the partnership would be in the not-too-distant future. Mystery Science Theatre’s Twitter re-tweeted Dark Horse’s post in confirmation.

This is fantastic news and perfect timing as the beloved cult classic started filming its newest season in September. This partnership with a world renowned publisher will only mean more advertising and funds to continue the series and boost popularity with a new generation.

Mystery Science Theatre 3000 originally aired in 1988 and was a comedy series centered on riffing and making fun of B-Movies. A janitor by the name of Joel is captured by two mad scientists and sent to space aboard the dog bone-shaped Satellite of Love. There, the scientists force Joel is sit through a series of B-Movies in order to pick the perfect film to be used as a weapon for world domination. To keep himself from going mad, Joel builds several robots over the course of the series that help him mock the films.

Mystery Science Theatre 3000 ran for 10 seasons and had a feature film but was cancelled twice during its run. The show was cancelled for the first time after six seasons in 1997 and again in 1999 after another three seasons. Mystery Science Theatre 3000 was revived once again in 2015 thanks to crowd funding and will be on Netflix in 2017.

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