Dauntless Call of the Void Content Update Drops June 11

Dauntless Call of the Void Content Update Drops June 11

The heart of any good online-focused title is the comfort in knowing that the developers behind it, are dedicated, providing consistent updates and content patches that keep the game feeling fresh, exciting and fun to play. Dauntless in many ways, exemplifies this notion with its numerous updates that have helped push it forward.

Call of the Void is the latest content update for Dauntless, which promises to bring with it a host of both minor and substantial changes, including a new Umbral Escalation, which adds a dark elemental themed gauntlet for players to conquer. A trailer for the new update can be viewed down below.

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Call of the Void takes place on a never-before-scene cluster of islands which seemingly have exposed the Behemoths to this strange umbral energy elemental, transforming and mutating them further into berserk, killing-machines that will test even the hardened of monster hunters. To make matters worse, Slayers will have to vanquish the Behemoth Thrax, a new worm-like alien serpent that awaits those skilled enough to make it to the end.

Thankfully, both veterans and new Dauntless players can look forward to the addition of a training grounds area, which gives Slayers’ access to dummy training dolls and their full arsenal of weapons and gear. In other words, the training grounds will be the perfect place to hone and try out different play styles, eliminating the worry of jumping in blind or trying a new weapon or play style, in live combat.

Call of the Void also, for the first time, introduces narrative and story elements into the experience which will set the stage for further content that will be released in July. Those who acquire the Relics & Ruins hunter pass can look forward to 50 levels of rewards; all centred around the void elemental update, including the coveted Umbral Knight armour set. The Call of the Void content update will hit Dauntless on all major platforms and PC on June 11, 2020.

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