Dawn of the Dragons Developer Launches New MMORPG

| September 29, 2016
Dawn of the Dragons Developer Launches New MMORPG 2



Planet Games, the developer behind Dawn of the Dragons and Curio Quest, has launched its newest game, Age of Heroes: Conquest. The free-to-play turn-based MMORPG is set in a mythical world with artwork produced by Spellgun, a subsidiary of Concept Art House.

Dawn Of The Dragons Developer Launches New Mmorpg

Age of Heroes: Conquest builds on the traditions of our very first role playing game, Dawn of the Dragons,” said Rob Winkler, co-founder and CEO of 5th Planet Games

Dawn Of The Dragons Developer Launches New Mmorpg 2

Originally debuting on the web, Dawn of the Dragons released for mobile in 2013, earning a four out of five star rating on its Google Play page. The high-fantasy RPG is primarily story driven, quite literally; energy is used to progress through detail-studded narrative. Though Age of Heroes: Conquest doesn’t lack a narrative by any means, its strategic multi-character turn-based combat is its driving force, along with the tasks of collecting more than 45 Heroes and various equipment and loot. Like many MMORPGs, Age of Heroes: Conquests also features guilds and PvP events, vital community-driven elements.



Planet Games is known to support their games with weekly content updates—like raids and item additions—and connects directly with their communities through forums and even in-person player councils: the main traits Forbes has attributed to 5


Planet Games’ success.

The Kongregate-dominating indie dev has been fairly quiet since it raised $3 million from local investors in 2014. Age of Heroes: Conquest is the big straight-to-mobile project they’ve been working on, a concept first introduced in the Order of Champions trailer released late last year.

“Both games [Age of Heroes: Conquest and Dawn of the Dragons] rely on heavy community involvement, beautifully designed artwork, and a really great storyline. But this time we’ve taken each of those elements at least one step further to create a world that is unlike anything else online or in the app stores.  We look forward to rolling out new Heroes, new regions, new quests and more new content soon,” said Winkler.

Dawn Of The Dragons Developer Launches New Mmorpg 3

Age of Heroes: Conquest can be played free here, or downloaded for free for iOS or Android.

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