Destruction Allstars to Miss PS5 Launch

Destruction AllStars Forced To Add Bots To Make Up For Low Player Count

PlayStation 5 owners will have one less option to play at launch, as Sony announced this morning that Destruction Allstars is slipping back to February 2021.

However, when it does launch, it will do so first as a free offering on PlayStation Plus for two months. Customers who have already preordered the game (via retail or digital outlets) will be refunded to compensate.

Destruction Allstars To Miss Ps5 Launch
Destruction Allstars will no longer launch alongside the PS5. (Sony)

No official reason was given for the delay. While the news may be disheartening for those hoping to pick up the PS5 at launch, making the game free for the majority of console owners should ensure the game’s servers are packed with players. Sony gave Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout a similar boost back in August, and it became the most downloaded title in PlayStation Plus history.

Recently featured in the reveal of the PS5’s user interface, Destruction Allstars offers a unique combination of vehicular demolition derby-style combat and, oddly enough, parkour — destroy opponents from behind the wheel, or hop out to commandeer other vehicles while dodging enemy attacks. The game’s bizarre cast of characters looks to rival Fortnite‘s bombastic style. Sixteen-player online matches will be enhanced by the PS5 hardware’s various bells and whistles, like haptic feedback.

Developed by Lucid Games, Destruction Allstars will retail for $89.99 CDN outside of its time on PS Plus.

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