Digital Homicide Keeps on Fighting

Digital Homicide Keeps on Fighting

Digital Homicide is trying to prove that it’s the little engine that could.

The independent studio has just launched a lawsuit against video game pundit, critic and journalist, Jim Sterling. Filed to an Arizona district court in Phoenix, Digital Homicide is pursuing legal action claiming that Sterling has assaulted, committed libel and slandered the company causing them huge financial losses.

James Romaine claims that he has been falsely accused of a number of numerous wrongdoings, including:

  • Stealing assets
  • Flipping assets and putting no work into his projects
  • Doxing
  • Impersonation
  • Misrepresented products with intent to do damage
  • Conducting illegal business activities

The list goes on a bit more in his blog post. He claims that in the time that has followed his interactions with Sterling, his name has been dragged through the mud and has been the victim of innumerable accounts of harassment. Romaine has posted a few of the ugly messages he’s received and some of the actions he’s had to deal with.

He more or less claims that the individuals are fans of Sterling and are lashing out at Romaine despite his public and private attempts to have Sterling quell his fanbase.

Romaine says he has a very competent lawyer that is more than willing to take the case but he needs help in procuring the funds to pay for his legal fees.

In the past hour, Sterling hasn’t commented on the situation in any form except in this tweet.

The lawsuit had been submitted by Romaine himself without a lawyer and further details are to come.

If you haven’t been following Sterling and his coverage of his dealings with Digital Homicide, you can watch his side of the story on his YouTube channel and listen to his interview with Digital Homicide.

Thanks to NeoGAF user H1PSTER for bringing attention to the lawsuit.

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