Exciting Disney Mirrorverse Coming to Mobile In June 2022

Exciting Disney Mirrorverse Coming to Mobile In June 2022

The house that Mickey Mouse built, Disney, showed off the newly revamped ARPG Disney Mirrorverse and also gave fans a release date that’s right around the corner.

Kabam, in collaboration with Disney, revealed more details about the anticipated Disney Mirrorverse complete with a new gameplay trailer, a release date, and a pre-registration link that can allow fans to receive information about the title and download when available.

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Disney Mirroverse is an ARPG that throws gamers into a universe with many Disney characters in a mash-up that sees characters like Gaston from Beauty and the Beast team up with Mickey Mouse, act as ‘Guardians’ to fight against a new threat called the Fractured. Move aside heartless from the Kingdom Hearts series.

Exciting Disney Mirrorverse Coming To Mobile In June 2022

Newly designed and easily recognizable characters from Disney and Pixar universes must work together in order to overcome epic battles in three-character parties. Each Guardian comes equipped with special abilities and specialized roles in order to maximize party efficiency.

As players adventure forth and advance in the game, more characters will be made readily available that players can earn. Whether the character is from Monsters Inc. or Hercules there’s a character for fans of all Disney characters in the Mirrorverse.

Disney Mirrorverse Key Features

  • A storyline that combines universes in a seamless way in order for Disney characters to work together in groupings fans were only able to dream of before.
  • Stylish 3D design shows beloved characters like never before, bringing known characters to unknown worlds in the fight for good over evil, with unique backstories for each Guardian.
  • Set out on quests to quell the corruption the new threat The Fractured brings to the Mirrorverse.
  • Teams featuring three characters can be utilized in different strategic ways to combat The Fractured, with real time action combat allowing players to micromanage characters, or use an ‘auto-play’ function that can allow more casual players to view the cinematics.
  • Tower of Troubles, and Dangerous Dungeons modes give a variety of challenging gameplay options for players geared towards a more in-depth experience.
  • Monthly updates expand the Disney Mirrorverse with more characters, story chapters and events to provide more content.

The new free-to-play Disney Mirrorverse will launch on June 23rd, in the App Store or Google Play. More information regarding the ambitious crossover can be found on the website, and fans can pre-register here to get into the action as soon as possible. It also remains to be seen whether Marvel, or Star Wars universe characters will be included in the title, so fans will have to wait and see!

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