Draw A Pikachu In Pokemon Art Academy

| April 30, 2014
Draw A Pikachu In Pokemon Art Academy

The next game in the widely successful Pokémon series is coming and it’s set to bring out the inner Van Gogh in all of us. Titled Pokémon: Art Academy, this Nintendo 3DS exclusive has players whipping out their styluses to draw and colour every single one of those conniving creatures.

The news itself comes way of Nintendo of Japan who announced that the game will make its way to stores on June 19th. And yes, that’s only in Japan for now but a North American release date should be just on the horizon.

Pokémon Art Academy gives budding artists a new canvas to express their craft on by sending players through art school, giving lessons on how to draw 40 of these curious animals. Tools like an air brush and spray paint allow even the most avant-garde painters to fully customize their creations.

There’s also a Free Paint mode where you can draw anything from scratch, or fill in outlines of over 100 different Pokémon. Perhaps the post-modern Duchamp’s Fountain will arise, or a sequel to Blue Monochrome, or maybe just a blue Pikachu.

Either way, be sure to check out the trailer below and keep it locked to CGM as we cross our fingers for a North American release date.

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