HBO Max’s Dune Prequel to Replace Denis Villeneuve for Chernobyl director.

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Denis Villeneuve stepping back from Dune: The Sisterhood to focus on sequal film, currently in production.

Last September 2019, Denis Villeneuve released his adaptation of Frank Herbert’s masterpiece called Dune and the movie has won many awards since then. Currently, Dune: The Sisterhood, will be a prequel series to the award-winning Dune set to be released in 2023. Instead of Villeneuve, the pilot episodes will be directed by Johan Renck, the director behind HBO’s 2019 Chernobyl series.

Dune: The Sisterhood, will be a spinoff story taking place 10,000 years prior to the current storyline of Dune. The series will focus on the origin of the Bene Gesserit, a sect completely made up of women with superhuman abilities; they played a fundamental role in shaping political events throughout the universe of Dune. The series will follow a small group of Harkonnen sisters and the life they led before establishing the Bene Gesserit.

“…The Sisterhood will be a wonderful gem of a series. “

Renck is currently directing a film called Spaceman, starring big stars such as Adam Sandler and Paul Dano. He first started his career as a music video director before jumping into the vast world of film production by directing a couple of episodes of The Walking Dead, Vikings, and even the infamous Breaking Bad. His biggest accomplishment was directing all 5 episodes of another featured series on HBO called Chernobyl. This leaves all of us with a hopeful expectation that Dune: The Sisterhood will be a wonderful gem of a series. 

Hbo Max’s Dune Prequel Will Replace Denis Villeneuve For A Chernobyl Director. 1

Diane Ademu-John will be responsible for writing the series’ scripts and will be acting as the showrunner. Her previous works also included The Haunting of Bly Manor. Although Villeneuve was previously in charge of the pilot episodes, the director reportedly had to step down from his role as the executive director of The Sisterhood in order to focus on the sequel to Dune, currently in production. 

Now that everything’s falling into place, we can certainly expect that both these films will be spectacular. Renck directing The Sisterhood is already a big plus, but knowing that the second half of Dune will be developed at the same time is like a wonderful early Christmas for us enjoyers of the great sci-fi series written by Herbert. I bet that you can’t wait for them to premiere. 

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