EA: Apex Legends for iOS and Android Devices Releasing By End of 2020

Another Battle Royale Shrinks for Mobile Gamers
| Jun 24, 2020

Respawn’s battle royale hit Apex Legends is set to hit mobile devices along with its Nintendo Switch port by Holiday 2020, according to EA in their latest Fireside Chat earlier this week.

Like Fortnite and PUBG, players would get to experience a rendered-down version of the first person online shooter anywhere they go. The game is likely to keep its gameplay intact and would be near-identical to its console counterparts.


Apex Legends was acclaimed for its own style of dropping players into an ever-changing map under a first-person perspective while sharing control mechanics from Titanfall 2. The game is also set in the same universe while many of its weapons are directly taken from Respawn’s flagship sequel.

According to EA CEO Andrew Wilson in the stream, Apex Legends for mobile will “soft launch” as it did with Plants vs Zombies 3 and over 6 other games are on the finishing touches for a mobile release.

“We feel very good about our mobile business,” Wilson said, suggesting the company would be maintaining just as much focus to platforms over iOS and Android. “Mobile in particular is a category that kind of spans across all of that (core franchise gaming).”

While its Nintendo Switch port would offer console-quality controls and feel on the go, Apex Legends on mobile would be making compromises to its graphics and performance to keep the game running on newer and older phones. This would take a toll on mobile players learning to use the screen’s personalized touch buttons, while a possible crossplay feature could create a learning curve.

But it’s still Apex Legends on the go and players over iOS and Android can expect a free-to-play multiplayer experience when it releases at an unknown future date.

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