EA’s 2014 E3 Conference Recap

EA's 2014 E3 Conference Recap

It is still not even the first official day of E3 and the second conference has concluded. Here’s what happened at EA’s conference.

-A developer diary for Star Wars Battlefront 3 was shown with some very early in-game footage.

-A very short gameplay trailer was show for Dragon Age: Inquisition and featured the main character fighting a dragon.

-Another developer diary for a new Mass Effect game was shown, as well Bioware talked about another sci-fi project they are working on.

-A short developer diary for the new EA Sports UFC game with Bruce Lee was shown before being stopped by a developer. He then showed live gameplay of Bruce Lee in action.

NHL 15 apparently has more physics added to everything and had a short gameplay trailer shown.

The Sims 4 was shown off. It apparently has crazier Sims and even wackier situations to put them in. A new feature is that you can make them spontaneously combust if you mess with their emotions enough. It also has a community content creator that players can try and rate.

Madden 15 has made several improvements to the defence so that it’s more fun for players to play.

PGA Tour 2015 claims to have no limits by allowing players to play on the most famous golf courses in the world, and on fantasy courses.

-Play the “greatest drama on Earth” in FIFA 15.

-The new MOBA Dawngate had a developer diary talking about how they are doing new things to refine the genre.

-Yet another developer diary was shown, but this time it was for the anticipated Mirror’s Edge 2.This time there was a good amount of early gameplay footage.

-The conference ended with six full minutes of Battlefield:Hardline gameplay. The cops and robbers multiplayer was full of explosions and carnage as the robbers tore though the city in an attempt to get away with loot. EA also announced that the Beta for the game begins now.

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