It Looks Like Elle Fanning Will be in New Kojima Productions Game

The Mystery is Slowly Unfolding

Elle Fanning Apparently Will be in New Kojima Productions Game 2

The next game from Kojima Productions will have a special star, Elle Fanning, known for her role in The Neon Demon and Maleficent: Mistress of Evil.

At Tokyo Game Show 2022, Kojima Productions began teasing attendees with a portrait of a woman with a hidden face. The question “Who am I?” was layered atop the portrait, adding to the mystery. Elle Fanning was eventually revealed to be the woman in the portrait, much to the delight of the internet.

Elle Fanning Apparently Will Be In New Kojima Productions Game 1

Hideo Kojima, the mastermind behind the popular video game series Metal Gear Solid, is known for his creative and cryptic marketing campaigns. Earlier this week, he began teasing a new project with a series of tweets. “The answer to ‘WHO’ at Tokyo Game Show will be in the next ‘WHERE,'” he wrote, followed by “Where am I?”

Elle Fanning Apparently Will Be In New Kojima Productions Game

The “where” is PAX Australia 2022. If you scan the QR code next to the “Where am I?” portrait, you’ll see a new image of Elle Fanning. The side of the portrait says, “A Hideo Kojima Game x Elle Fanning.”

This is not the first time Kojima teased a game; both the ill-fated Silent Hills and Death Stranding had mysteries surrounding their announcements, with the internet directing each aspect of their news to find was at the core of the games. As of right now, almost nothing is known, but it looks like things are just getting started. Clearly Kojima Productions enjoys using celebrities in their new properties.

The gaming community is eagerly speculating what this could mean, with many theories circulating online. However, Kojima remains tight-lipped about the details. We’ll have to wait until more is revealed to discover what it at the heart of this mystery. Stay tuned to CGMagazine to stay up to date on all the new Kojima news as it slowly emerges.

Brendan Frye
Brendan Frye

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