Epic and Fortnite Want to Know What Skins Fans Want to See Next

Could Resident Evil and Mario Make Their Way to Battle Royale?

Epic and Fortnite Want to Know What Skins Fans Want to See Next 1

Fortnite players have been receiving emails from Epic Games asking them to participate in a short survey.

The emails are used by Epic to gauge which characters players are most familiar with, or most interested in seeing in Fortnite. The leaked list this time around suggests that Fortnite could be teaming up with more huge franchises like Resident Evil and even Mario.

A post on Imgur showed up with the alleged survey from the company. It seems Epic is asking about popular characters across the board. Jill Valentine, Toad, Alloy and Dante all made the list, bringing us from Resident Evil, to Mario to Horizon Zero Dawn and Devil May Cry. Epic doesn’t seem to favour any one console as we see characters from popular exclusives on all systems. With new Resident Evil movies and games coming out shortly, my money is on seeing those skins next.

This idea sounds like a dream for many Fortnite players, to think that this huge gaming company truly wants our input is hard to believe. With microtransactions being the bulk of what brings in revenue for the free-to-play Battle Royale game, taking into account what players want really does seem like a great marketing strategy. Gameinformer.com spoke with a representative from Epic Games to verify the news, “Yep, I can confirm that we send out surveys like this all the time to our players — though, of course, they’re in no way indicative of what we’re bringing into the game or timing of releases…We can only work on so much at once!” 

Epic Games lets players bring their favourite characters back to life in Fortnite Battle Royale, allowing some of the biggest franchises to face off against each other. Who would have thought Daryl Dixon from The Walking Dead would ever be caught in a gun battle against Master Chief from Halo? The company has done something really creative while pulling at our wallets. Needless to say, I’m excited to see what new skins they come out with next!

Dayna Eileen
Dayna Eileen

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