European Retailers List Sega Remaster Collections

| September 11, 2017
European Retailers List Sega Remaster Collections

European retail listings for a number of Sega published titles have been spotted online.

Numerous game retailers from Czech Republic and Slovakia have put up listings for a dual pack of the first two Shenmue titles along with a pack containing Bayonetta and Vanquish. For the Shenmue pack, no cover art or release window has been made available but retailers have listed it for both PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. Not much has been revealed for the Bayonetta and Vanquish pack but retailers did put up cover art along with two possible release windows of either October or November. As with the Shenmue pack, the Bayonetta and Vanquish collection has been listed for both PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

Rumors of a Shenmue HD remaster surfaced earlier this year from a trusted anonymous source. The earlier rumor also suggested that both games would be included together and that it would be releasing sometime this year. It’s possible that the Shenmue collection could be related to the upcoming release of Shenmue III, currently scheduled to launch in 2018. Born from crowd funding, Shenmue III’s development is being led by series creator Yu Suzuki and his company, Ys Net. Assisting Y’s Net is Nello, a company founded by the Shenmue series’ lead programmer.

Bayonetta and Vanquish were both games originally created by Platinum Games for the PlayStation 4 and Xbox 360, published by Sega. Sega recently released both titles on PC for the first time. Though there was no listing of the Bayonetta and Vanquish pack coming to Nintendo’s console, Platinum Games did teased a possible collection of Bayonetta 1 and 2 for the Nintendo Switch.

Sega has yet to make any official announcements of either rumored collections. We’ve reached out to the company for further information but the company has refused to comment on any rumors or speculation.

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