Evolve’s Evacuation Campaign Revelaed.

Evolve’s Evacuation Campaign Revelaed.

Between betas and broadcasts there is a lot of Evolve footage kicking around online, but up to this point only one game type has been shown. Evolve’s campaign mode, called evacuation, has been revealed with four different game modes and variables that add modifiers to a match.

Every game of Evacuation will start with a hunt, which is the game mode you’ve already seen if you’ve watched or played the game already. In it, the hunters try to take down the monster while it tries to feed on wildlife and kill the hunters. The monsters objective is to eat and kill enough to get to level 3, and then destroy an objective on the map.

That’s the first game mode. The campaign spreads out over five, in game, days, and each gives the players the opportunity to vote on one of four modes, including hunt. You also vote on which territory the next game will take place on.

The other modes are nest, rescue and defend. Nest places a number of monster eggs around the map and the hunters try to destroy them while the monster defends them and has the option to hatch them into level 1 monster minions. Hunters can also win by killing the monster.

Rescue puts a group of colonists on the map and the hunters must work together to revive and rescue them while the monster attempts to destroy them. Whoever eats or destroys more, wins.

Finally, Defend is the last stand where the hunters try to defend the evacuation point while their escape vehicle fuels up and the monster leads waves of enemies to try and destroy it.

Depending on how a round plays out, there will be something added to the next match. So whoever wins will have an added bit of help on the next map.

Between the maps, game modes and variables there are over 800,000 different ways to progress through the five round campaign, but it seems like if you are the monster you are basically in destroy mode. We won’t know just how different all these modes and variables will play until we get our hands on the game, but Turtle Rock Studios hasn’t done much to disappoint in the past.

Source: evolvegame.com

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