See Through the Eyes of a ‘Stray’ on PS5

See Through the Eyes of a 'Stray' on PS5

BlueTwelve Studios’ Stray debuted alongside the PlayStation 5 at Sony’s Future of Gaming event this June with a quiet, atmospheric trailer – and we’ve heard little of it since. Now Sony has updated the game’s website with further gameplay details..

Stray, a “third-person cat adventure game,” puts you in the paws of a cat lost in a cyberpunk city. As shown in the cinematic teaser trailer, the ginger feline will sneak around wearing some sort of backpack-sweater hybrid. To get back to its family, our hero “must untangle an ancient mystery to escape a long-forgotten city.” This will require stealth at some points and catlike mischief at others, as players will need to act “sometimes as annoying as possible.”

See Through The Eyes Of A 'Stray' On Ps5
Stray has a very cyberpunk aesthetic. (PlayStation)

No hostiles have been shown in the brief footage of the game so far, but the description boasts of “dangerous creatures” to overcome somehow. So far this world appears to be inhabited only by robots, judging by the “RIP HUMANS” graffiti in the background of one trailer scene.

Along the way, the player will befriend B12, a flying drone. It’s possible that the drone will be temporarily playable to offer some gameplay variety, even if it’s simply issuing simple commands.

YouTube video

Stray sounds like a fun mix of gameplay elements, and has certainly invested heavily in its neon-tinged, posthuman, cyberpunk style. We can “see the world through the eyes of a stray” exclusively on the PlayStation 5 sometime in 2021, published by Annapurna Interactive. (Developer BlueTwelve Media is self-described as “a small team from south of France mostly made of cats and a handful of humans,” so we can surely expect an authentic experience.)

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