Fallout 4 Creation Kit Open Beta Available Now

| April 26, 2016
Fallout 4 Creation Kit Open Beta Available Now

Fallout 4, a game where players can be and do whatever they want, is having its seemingly endless content expanded infinitely.

Fallout 4 is an RPG where players have the freedom to do basically anything they put their minds to – And whatever they couldn’t do previously can be put into the game through the Creation Kit, which allows players to create and customize content to implement into Fallout 4.

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The Creation Kit is the exact tool Bethseda used to lovingly craft Fallout 4, meaning players have virtually as much creative freedom as the developers. The Creation Kit is available through the Bethseda.net launcher.

Players can search for the newest or best Mods, choose from favourites, post feedback and reviews, and install the Mods, all from within the game’s main menu.

Bethseda plans to evolve and improve the Creation Kit to based on player experience and feedback.

The open beat for the Creation Kit is available now on PC. For vault dwellers on consoles, Mods will arrive on Xbox One in May and PlayStation 4 in June.

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