Fatal Frame For The Wii U Headed West

Fatal Frame For The Wii U Headed West - 2015-04-02 14:01:38

It’s great to see horror games making a comeback on consoles, but if you ask any horror game aficionado, most of them will tell you that one of the best franchises in the genre is Fatal Frame. What started out on PS2s and original Xboxes, has now turned into a Nintendo exclusive thanks to Nintendo footing the publishing bill for the Koei Tecmo series. That was great for Nintendo fans until it came out that the most recent game was staying in Japan. Until now.

Nintendo has confirmed that the latest game, titled Zero: The Black Haired Shrine Maiden will be translated for Western audiences and breaking out of Japan. It’s probably also going to get a name change since that shrine maiden stuff is a bit of a mouthful, and it will be coming to Western Wii Us at some point this year.

For those that don’t know what this series about, the core mechanic of the game is that ghosts, being intangible and homicidal, can’t be bludgeoned over the head or shot at with an assault rifle. Instead, players exorcise ghosts using a special spirit camera that drains their energy with every shot. The closer the ghost, the more damage is done, so narcissists are guaranteed to die in the game since they’ll be too busy setting up their selfie stick and warning people on Twitter that a juicy photo is coming up. People more concerned with killing ghosts, however, should do just fine.

Wayne Santos
Wayne Santos

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