Final Fantasy 1 To 6 Rumored For A Console Release, Ever Crisis Pushed Back

Final Fantasy 1 To 6 Rumored For A Console Release, Ever Crisis Pushed Back 1

Multiple ESRB ratings recently appeared on some classic Final Fantasy games, hinting at an upcoming console release—Ever Crisis dropped a new trailer.

The ESRB has officially rated the Final Fantasy Pixel Remasters (1 to 6) for Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 4. While Square Enix has been busy working on a lot of remasters for Chrono Cross, Tactics Ogre, and Crisis Core: Final Fantasy 7 Reunion—the latter releasing later this week. On a similar note, the mobile game to retell everything Final Fantasy 7 called Ever Crisis, had its closed beta test pushed back to next summer—however, a new trailer dropped.

The Final Fantasy Pixel Remasters has only been available on PC and mobile devices for the longest time. Back in 2021, Square Enix announced the Remasters set would be coming out on July 2021 with fully remade visuals, new quality-of-life features, and even entirely new, rearranged music for each of the titles. February 2022 was the last release of the remasters with the sixth game hitting PC and mobile.

Final Fantasy 1 To 6 Rumored For A Console Release, Ever Crisis Pushed Back 2

It seemed like Square Enix has finally worked up to the release of the Remasters games to finally bring them to consoles, as fans have been longing for it! The ESRB has separate listings for each Remasters game, all listed for Nintendo Switch and PS4—along with PC. These leaked pages on the ESRB website also revealed that each game will most likely be released separately, similar to when the Remasters set was released individually, and not a bundle.

So, why does this ultimately matter? These classic Final Fantasy titles have not really touched modern consoles…well, sort of. If you count the PlayStation Vita as a modern console, it technically could play the first ten games. But now, this would allow more fans who have recently bared their teeth into the series with recent releases like Final Fantasy 15 or Final Fantasy 7 Remake to really go play the root games.

With hopeful news, came sadder news. Final Fantasy 7: Ever Crisis has confirmed they will be pushing back their closed beta test to summer 2023. The game was described as an episodic single-player game for iOS and Android that will allow players to experience the world of Final Fantasy 7 and its connected stories, including that of the original game. On a more positive note, Square Enix blessed fans with a new trailer for the game, offering a deeper look into the game.

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