Final Fantasy XIV’s Next Letter from the Producer Dated For Early April


Final Fantasy XIV’s next Letter From the Producer Live is set to happen on April 1, 2022, at 4:00 a.m. PDT/ 11:00 GMT/ 22:00 AEDT.

This is the second Producer Letter since the launch of Endwalker, which brought a close to the ten-year storyline of Hydaelyn and Zodiark. This presentation will, apparently, provide “even more information on the upcoming Patch 6.1 and miscellaneous updates!”

Like with past letters you can watch the stream on Square Enix’s YouTube and Twitch channels, which will have live interpretation to English. You can also watch the show on the Japanese video streaming platform NicoNico, if you’re so inclined.

Although we don’t currently have a release date for patch 6.1, that’s likely to be given during the stream along with a trailer, considering this is the first major patch post-Endwalker. In the previous letter, on February 18, Producer Naoki Yoshida announced that the patch schedule would be altered slightly, in order to give the development team a better work-life balance. Whereas patches would arrive every three months or so in the past, going forward they’ll now be released every four months.

Final Fantasy Xiv'S Next Letter From The Producer Dated For Early April

The previous letter also gave us a good idea of the content and changes coming to Final Fantasy XIV in the future. Patch 6.1 is currently planned to expand the Trust system to past dungeons, and also launch the new Alliance Raid “Myths of the Realm.”

At the same time, we’ll see the addition of new Beast Tribe quests, now simply known as “Tribe” quests. Finally, a new storyline for Hildabrand is set to premiere, along with a new questline focusing on the adventures of Tataru.

Looking to the future, patch the Final Fantasy XIV 6.2 will expand the Pandemonium raid questline and introduce Island Sanctuary, a “relaxing” solo experience where players get to grow crops, place buildings and hang out with minions. Finally, in the far future of patch 7.0, we’ll see a massive graphical update to the game in general.

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