First Mortal Kombat DLC brings along a few klassic fatalities

| May 27, 2011
First Mortal Kombat DLC brings along a few klassic fatalities

You’ll have to buy the full set even if you’ve already got one old school fatality.

Warner Bros. has unveiled the first batch of Mortal Kombat DLC and – as expected – they’re giving everyone an opportunity to grab all of the retailer-specific pre-order incentives in one fell swoop. The expansion includes seven klassic character skins – Scorpion, Reptile, Sub-Zero, Ermac, Kitana, Mileena, and Jade – as well as klassic fatalities for Scorpion, Reptile, and Sub-Zero. The kontent can be seen in the trailer below, and will be available on June 7


for 400 Microsoft Points or $4.99.

While the extra outfits are certainly appreciated – at $5, it’s not even too expensive – the expansion kind of undercuts the entire pre-order system. I’ve already got the Reptile fatality, but I have to buy it again if I want to rip someone’s spine out with Sub-Zero so it’s a bit disappointing to know that the fatalities won’t be available on a piecemeal basis. Unless Warner Bros. is abandoning any pre-order pretense, there needs to be a discount for the core fans that made an early commitment to the game.


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