First Sunset Overdrive Gameplay Revealed

| May 8, 2014
First Sunset Overdrive Gameplay Revealed - 2014-05-08 15:54:34

Nearly a year after it was announced at Microsoft’s E3 presentation, Sunset Overdrive finally has it’s first gameplay trailer.

The game takes place during a mutant outbreak that occurs in Sunset City after an energy drink corporation releases a new drink.

Players will be able to run quickly though the city via parkour. The more momentum a player has, the faster they’ll be able to move around. Getting to higher ground over enemies will give a tactical advantage to the player.

Like any Insomniac game, Sunset Overdrive features a large selection of crazy weapons. Guns like the T-N-Teddy that shoots teddybears that have explosives attached to them, and even a gun that shoots mini helicopters that have have machine guns.

Also featured is a perk system called Amps. These can give the player many different abilities such as creating tornadoes with their melee weapons, and having a chance that your bullets will turn into nuclear bombs upon impact.

Sunset Overdrive will launch in November of this year exclusively on Xbox One.

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