New Sunset Overdrive Trailer

| May 13, 2014
New Sunset Overdrive Trailer

Insomniac Games have been showing off a lot of their upcoming Xbox One exclusive Sunset Overdrive. Today, they did that again with another gameplay trailer.

It started with CEO and Co-Founder of Insomniac, Ted Price, and was carried by the game’s director Drew Murray along with the creative director Marcus Smith. They showed off some of the features of the game.

Those features include new weapons, revival animations, enemies and a basic plot.  The story takes place in 2027 and revolves around a company releasing an energy drink that turns people into monsters. So it’s up to your character to save the city.

There was also a lot of gameplay shown. The developers want gamers to have a free flow game style. There won’t be a lot of cover either.

You can check out the latest on Sunset Overdrive here.

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