First Teaser for Chucky Series Promises A Killer Return!

| Jul 16, 2021
First Teaser for Chucky Promises A Killer Return!

If you were disappointed with the 2019 remake of Child’s Play, which saw legendary actor Mark Hamill voice the famed killer doll Chucky, then you’ll be happy to know that the first teaser for Don Mancini’s Chucky revival has released.

The film stars Brad Dourif, returning to his iconic role of Charles Lee Ray, while series veterans Fiona Dourif, Alex Vincent, Christine Elise McCarthy, and Jennifer Tilly will return as Nica Pierce, Andy Barclay, Kyle, and Tiffany Valentine respectively.

Don Mancini Interview - Movie
Don Mancini

The series will serve as a prequel to the unannounced eighth film in the horror franchise, while simultaneously ignoring the reboot/remake that came out two years ago. Chucky is being executive produced by Don Mancini, David Kirschner, Nick Antosca, Harley Peyton, and Alex Hedlund and will also star Zackary Arthur, Teo Briones, Alyvia Alyn Lind, Björgvin Anderson, Devon Sawa, Lexa Doig, and Barbara Alyn Woods.

Don Mancini gave details on the series, which is set to premiere on SyFy October 12th, in an interview with Entertainment Weekly, saying that the series will be about “a 14-year-old gay boy who’s bullied and sort of lost after the recent death of his mother. He’s a young artist [making] sculptures with doll parts. He finds Chucky at a yard sale and buys him, but it turns out that he gets much more than he bargained for.”

On the series going back to its roots of having the protagonists be kids, Mancini explained that he wanted to do something different and is exploring Chucky’s effects on young teenagers. He also added that the series has “spun a relatively consistent and coherent narrative over the course of 33 years and seven films and now eight episodes of television. I deliberately ended Cult of Chucky on a series of cliffhangers, major cliffhangers, because I knew a TV series would be the ideal place to accommodate delving into the ramifications. So we begin the series introducing our new story, our new milieu, and then we start to bring the veteran characters into the story, and it all comes together for a big showdown.”

You can look at the series’ teaser poster below:

You can also have a look at the series’ first teaser below:

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