Fitbit Premium Launches Will Smith Workout Curriculum

Includes a Collection of Six Guided Sessions

Fitbit Premium Launches Will Smith Workout Curriculum

Will Smith revealed back in August he was teaming up with Fitbit to improve his health and wellness. As part of that, a collection of workout sessions with the actor will launch exclusively on Fitbit Premium.

The curated collection called Will Smith: StrongWill will feature six ‘sweat-inducing, endorphin-boosting workouts and mindfulness’ sessions which are now available for Fitbit Premium members. The sessions range from room-shaking workouts to smooth stress-relief techniques with the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air himself. To get an idea of what to expect, Fitbit has released a highlight reel of the actor’s workout collection.

To get more of an idea of Will Smith’s collection of workout sessions with his trainers, below is a more detailed description of each of the workouts.

  • Bodyweight Strength: Will Smith is no stranger to lifting weights, but sometimes even the Fresh Prince can’t make it to the gym. Join trainer Roz the Diva to learn strength-building techniques you can do without much equipment and explore one of Will’s favourite exercises.
  • Core Challenge: To achieve the freshest fitness goals, start with your core, since that’s where peak performance is “born and raised.” Join trainer Jahdy to explore Will’s favourite techniques to strengthen, engage and stretch your core.
  • Find Your Center: Will Smith always makes this clear: when training your body, it’s just as important to train your mind. Join trainer Faith Hunter on a mindful look inward to hone your mental fitness with deep breathing exercises and meditation.
  • Mobility Flow Yoga: Yoga has been key to Will’s fitness success. Follow trainer Hiro Landazuri through a progressive mobility yoga flow to work your dexterity, flexibility and stability. Namaste!
  • Let’s Go Cardio!: In this workout, trainer Maya Monza takes you from warmup, through 10 cardio-intensive exercises, to cool down without skipping a beat. Have some water and a towel ready, because elevating your heart rate and breaking a sweat is what it’s all about. Like Will says, “Let’s turn this furnace on!”
  • Upper Body HIIT: The faster the better: Trainer Bianca G delivers a high-energy, high intensity interval training workout focused on the upper body and core to burn calories, gain endurance and build muscle fast.

“I spent countless days grazing on snacks and didn’t feel my best physically. I love my body, so I want to get my overall health and wellness back on track. To me, being in the ‘best shape of my life’ really means taking better care of my body,” Will Smith said in an Instagram post announcing his partnership with Fitbit.

While working on his wellness, the actor has been wearing Fitbit’s newest and most advanced tracker, Charge 5. Check out our review of another Fitbit device, the Fitbit Luxe which “is a powerful fitness tracker that delivers style and performance in a very small package.”

Will Smith: StrongWill is now available for Fitbit Premium members.

Dennis B Price
Dennis B Price

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