The New Forspoken Trailer Is Hard Not to Roast

Forspoken's Newest Trailer Gives A January 24 Release Date & Cringe 4

Following a few delays, it looks like Forspoken is getting another concrete release date of January 24th, but the internet is mocking the micro-trailer thanks to the wonderfully awkward voiceover.

When there is so much hype surrounding a title like Forspoken, the almost isekai love child between Luminous Productions and Square Enix, there are bound to be things that fall through the proverbial cracks when it comes to announcements. The newest trailer posted on the official Twitter account for the exciting title gives fans a bite-sized look at what’s to come when fans get to explore the vast world of Athia.

The trailer does a great job of highlighting the traversal method of Magic Parkour, and protagonist Frey’s abilities when fighting against the Break, but there’s an elephant in the cyberspace room regarding the trailer that has blown out of proportion since it was posted on Monday. Fans have been having fun with the voice-over in the trailer, producing parodies of the script with other titles, similar to the latest Antonio Brown Twitter blast that just happened yesterday. References have even been made comparing the trailer to a Joss Whedon production (who has no affiliation with the title whatsoever).

The New Forspoken Trailer Is Hard Not To Roast

The trailer draws comparisons from another heavily parodied trailer from Square Enix, when Stranger of Paradise was released and Chaos was mentioned a few too many times, which the internet also had a field day with. Some of the examples of Twitter parodies can be found below:

With even other developers like CatchWeight Studio joining in on the fun with their own title:

Although the Twitter rampage regarding the trailer has kept going for nearly a week, there’s something to be said about how the title has been the freakin’ talk of the town since it released. Even though the trailer has been bashed numerous times, it seems fans cant get enough of talking about Forspoken, building hype for the upcoming title at a fast pace.

After two big delays, Forspoken is scheduled for launch on January 24th, 2023.

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