Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 2: MEGA Features Huge Cyberpunk Aesthetic

fortnite chapter 4 season 2 mega features huge cyberpunk aesthetic 23031003 1

Past Fortnite seasons have included anime aesthetic and characters, but for Chapter 4 Season 2, the Edgerunner aesthetic is turned up to 11 with a new Night City-like biome.

Every couple of months, Fortnite implements changes to keep Battle Royales fresh, and a genre shift is imminent for Chapter 4 Season 2. The team over at Epic Games has decided this time around that besides grinding rails, rogue bikes and katana-shaped pickaxes, an entire city biome will be added to the bottom of the Battle Royale island called ‘Mega City’ after the Season’s title. A trailer for the additions can be found below.

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While Mega City (not to be confused with a retired Pokémon mechanic) is a massive new area, there are surrounding smaller areas, as is the norm with a new Season for Chapter 4. Besides checking out the sights of the city, new areas called Steamy Springs, Drift Ridge, Kenjutsu Crossing, and still, more will be available for exploration. Plus, fans who obtain this Season’s Battle Pass will be able to unlock the protagonist from Attack on Titan, Eren Yaeger, to join the fray. For the first time ever, Eren can battle Vegeta from Dragon Ball and Midoriya from My Hero Academia with pickaxes while there’s still a chance Adonis Creed can show up with a knockout punch.

Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 2 Mega Features Huge Cyberpunk Aesthetic 23031003

The Fortnite team has also upped the rarity of Slurp Juice and improved its efficiency also to increase shield power AS WELL as health, so it now glows gold with legendary status. Upon purchasing a Chapter 4 Season 2 Battle Pass, players will have access to Renzo the Destroyer, Thunder, Highwire, and more original Fortnite skins for their combatant. Also, seven new Reality Augments will be made available immediately: Munitions Slide, Shotgun Recycle, Dignified Finish, Medium Ammo Amp, Slap Surplus, Treasure Hunter, and Dumpster Diving, as well as Chapter 4 Season 1 Augments carrying over.

There’s plenty to become acquainted with in the new Chapter 4 Season 2 MEGA update, and fans can view a more detailed description over at the Fortnite Blog.

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