Fortnite Gives Midas a Sister

Fortnite Gives Midas a Sister 2

Data miners HYPEX have revealed that Epic Games has been working on a sister for popular skin Midas named Marigold. Fortnite forums are often filled with fans begging for specific skins and new releases. This time Fortnite listened. The skin was originally designed by a twitter user that goes by kitsunexkitsu who has been thrilled that Fortnite liked their idea. Fans are just as excited for the new, feminine version of the popular battle pass skin.

Marigold shares the same characteristics as her brother Midas, featuring the pale skin, gold irises and one white eye. She will also have the ability to slowly turn gold with each elimination a player makes while wearing her, with her final form being pure gold.  Midas was released way back in Season 2 Chapter 2 and people have been asking for a female version of the character ever since. Marigold will join her brother as a limited number of skins in-game that have the ability to change during a match.

Fans are already speculating how the skin will be made available in game. There are a few options including spending VBucks or purchasing a bundle for real currency. Most people believe she is too big a character for a regular Fortnite shop, but HYPEX believes she will be in a bundle for V-Bucks. The data miners leaked that there will be dual golden pickaxes as well as a golden back bling released with the skin as well as challenges that can earn you up to 1500 V-Bucks.

Fortnite has yet to announce the Marigold skin, so a release date is unknown. Season 2 Chapter 6 will be released soon and it is unclear if the possible bundle will be this season, or pushed as an incentive to participate in the next chapter. Either way, fans are looking forward to it, and she is guaranteed to be a popular new skin.

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