Fortnite Takes the Battle Sky High with $100 Million in eSports Contributions

Fortnite Takes the Battle Sky High with $100 Million in eSports Contributions

In less than a year of its launch, Fortnite is marking their place in the eSports world, as Epic Games says it will provide $100 million for competitions.

The amount will fund tournament prize pools in the first year of Fortnite competitive play. Players are encouraged to grab their fear, drop in, and start their training in the 2018 to 2019 season and first year of competitive play.

However, while Epic Games wants in on the eSports scene, it still plans to be more inclusive to its variety of players and viewers who would much rather sit down, relax, and enjoy a game from one of their favourite Fortnite livestreamers on Twitch. The Epic Games team wants these competitive Fortnite tournaments to be focused on the fun of playing and watching the game.

While more details about tournament structures and the eligible platforms will be available in the weeks to come, Fortnite, in the meantime, is introducing an exciting item to its players.

The new Jetpacks coming to Battle Royale will send players flying sky high. These jetpacks are new Backpack items, and are not to be confused with Back Bling. Backpacks can be looted from treasure chests or picked up off the ground, but cannot be purchased as cosmetic items. They are strictly for gameplay, and will take up an inventory slot just like a weapon, and have multiple uses when duking it out on the battlefield.

The latest update also introduces Archaeolo Jess, who is a new hero coming soon to the event store. It’s time to pursue the unknown and take to the skies, as things are looking up for Fortnite players.

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