Fortnite Brings Back My Hero Academia With 3 New Skins & Event XP

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Fortnite Brings Back My Hero Academia With 3 New Skins & Event XP

Fortnite continues to break barriers when it comes to crossovers, including going back to licenses they’ve already visited with My Hero Academia and this time there are three new skins to earn and lots of XP.

For the second time around, Fortnite has introduced My Hero Academia to Battle Island for a second round of rewards and skins for players to get their hands on. The event kicks off today, and Shoto Todoroki, Eijiro Kirishima, and Mina Ashido make their debut in the Item Shop. Fans can also wield Todoroki’s Ice Wall, similar to how the Dragon Ball and previous My Hero Academia crossovers let combatants deploy powerful anime attacks, and a trailer showing the new characters in action can be seen below.

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While the trailer shows the utility of the Ice Wall in a defensive instance, the item can be used for offence as well, as the initial blast of the attack pushes combatants back effectively especially when in the vicinity of more than one combatant. Deku’s Smash has returned along with All-Might supply drops, and both will be available until the end of the Battle Royale V26.10 Update.

There will also be notable My Hero Academia quests in Fortnite worth extra XP for those looking to complete their battle passes, and the three new heroes come in two different skins to mark the occasion of enlisting in the ranks of the #1 ranked hero academy. Along with the return of My Hero Academia, Fortnite is also letting Battle Royale participants grab Super Style Levels after reaching level 125.

Fortnite Brings Back My Hero Academia With 3 New Skins &Amp; Event Xp

Inspired by the latest Heist update and vampire Kado Thorne who arrived at Battle Island, five Outfits have received the Heisted Jade, Lost Amethyst, and Yellow Diamond Super Level Styles. So there is a myriad of unlockables fans can accrue in the latest update, especially for My Hero Academia fans during update V26.10. The update is live now so fans can parachute in at their convenience.

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