Fortnite Update Adds Thrilling Tornadoes, Lightning and More

Fortnite Update adds Tornadoes, Lightning and more 3

Following the conclusion of Fortnite‘s Power Leveling Weekend yesterday, the newest update, v19.01 has been released and brings a forecast of tornadoes and lightning to Chapter 3’s flipped island.

In real life, you should avoid tornadoes, but in the Battle Royale game, Fortnite players should do the opposite in the game and run straight into it. Use the tornado as a ‘swirling escape strategy’ to spin around to achieve great height and when ready glide to safety. Another choice is to stay in the swirling ride and continue to spin until the twister spits you out but don’t worry you won’t take fall damage.

Fortnite Update Adds Tornadoes, Lightning And More
Source: Fortnite

Things aren’t just getting windy but shocking, and I do mean that literally, since lightning is also coming to Fortnite. Players who see a dark cloud form in the game shouldn’t be too worried about getting shocked. While it does deal players a small amount of damage, the shock also gives players a temporary speed boost—sorry no permanent Flash powers here.

Players looking to increase their chances of getting struck by jumping into a body of water at the highest point. After players are struck, lightning won’t strike players a second time right after. Don’t count on lightning to create fire in the game, players can use a hotfix as the Flare gun is unvaulted and in addition to firefly jars, flare guns can be used to create fires. Players will be able to find flare guns in chests or supply drops.

The new climate additions are coming to Fortnite through the game’s Tornado week event which is running from now until January 17th at 9 a.m. ET. That’s not all, other additions are also coming to Fortnite: Chapter 3 which is a part of the Winterfest Ventures Season, which are as listed below.

Fortnite Update Adds Tornadoes, Lightning And More
Source: Fortnite

New Additions to Fortnite Save the World:

  • Cloaked Shadow – Available Now on the Event Store
    • Standard Perk: Corrupted Aura – During Shadow Stance, deal 6 base damage per second to nearby enemies
    • Commander Perk: Corrupted Aura+ – During Shadow Stance, deal 20 base damage per second to nearby enemies
  • Frostnite Weekly Challenge 7: Final Frost
    • Combines mechanics from Frosty Turf, New Wave Holiday, Superheated, and Top It Off
  • Shark Attack Launcher – Avaliable Now on the Event Store
    • A bold collaboration between expert toymaker, Ted, and Homebase’s Weaponsmith, Clip
    • Fires bouncy toy shark grenades that damage groups of enemies when they detonate. 
  • The Snowball Launcher – Coming to the Event Store on January 15th (7 p.m. ET)
    • Launch icy explosions towards your enemies with this frosty launcher.
  • Robo Kevin Pack – “I HAVE BEEN UPGRADED”
    • Homebase’s triangular technologist has made the ultimate upgrade to his favourite nifty gadget – himself!
    • Comes with a new Hero and Outfit, the Whirrr Back Bling, the Power Pick Pickaxe, the Robo-Kevin Challenges and access to Save the World
    • The exclusive Save the World challenges will earn you 1,000 V-Bucks and 1,000 X-Ray Tickets
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