Overwatch Unleashes Fresh Terror for Halloween 2020

Overwatch Unleashes Fresh Terror for Halloween 2020

Overwatch is known for its flavourful seasonal events, including its annual Anniversary and Holiday events, but this year the Halloween Terror event returns bigger and better than ever.

Blizzard has announced a handful of extra festivities for the event, which runs from October 13 – November 3. Five legendary skins have been added to loot boxes for the duration, giving spooky new looks to Hanzo, Genji, Reinhart, Winston, and D.Va, alongside one new emote, two new intros, and all seasonal items from previous Halloween events.

D.va'S Shin-Ryeong Skin Is Among Overwatch'S Five New Legendary Skins This Halloween.
D.Va’s Shin-Ryeong skin is among Overwatch’s five new legendary skins this Halloween. (Blizzard)

Additionally, timed challenges will grant additional rewards. Players who win 3, 6, and 9 matches during the first week (October 13-20) will unlock a emblem, spray, and skin for Sombra, respectively. Week 2’s feature is Brigitte, and week 3 is Echo, the game’s latest hero. With these, all 32 heroes in the roster now has at least one Halloween costume, at last.

It wouldn’t be Halloween in Overwatch without Junkenstein’s Revenge, the popular Arcade mode that pits a group of heroes against waves of robotic zombies (“Zomnics”) and villainous bosses, and Junkenstein Endless, its survival variant. Ashe and Baptiste have been added to the mode as the Outlaw and the Renegade. Weekly challenges will help keep the action fresh. In week one, Zomnics will move faster and a deadly ghost will chase players; in week two, zomnics will explode near players, and the team size will be reduced to 3 heroes (who deal more damage in exchange); and on week 3, heroes will be periodically randomized while some enemies will spawn explosive Shock-Tires on death.

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Halloween Terror is a free seasonal event available to all Overwatch players on PS4, Xbox One, Switch, and PC.

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