GameDriver Update Provides New Tools to Improve QA and Reduce Crunch

GameDriver Update Provides New Tools to Improve QA and Reduce Crunch

GameDriver, the creator of automated testing solutions for the gaming, AR, and VR industries, has released the 2022.07 update for their flagship software.

With crunch a major issue in gaming, software like GameDriver provides a much-needed aid to help developers reduce that stress with QA and development. With the release of GameDriver 2022.07, the company is continuing its mission of providing everything you need to build a comprehensive automated test suite for video game, AR, and VR projects.

This latest release streamlines the automation process even further, with new features that include:

  • The “Get Started” menu, a one-stop resource for useful GameDriver information such as the home page, documentation and tutorials, and licensing.
  • The new Object Explorer, which allows users to explore an object’s components, properties, and methods, and export the HierarchyPath required to reference these from user’s tests.
  • The HPath REPL, introduced to validate user’s HPath for uniqueness. This tool will parse any HPath provided and return the number of matching objects, as well as highlighting these in the editor Hierarchy.
  • The ability to simulate XR Device input, such as that of a Meta Quest, without having to put the headset on.
  • The Input Recorder, which can capture user inputs such as keyboard and mouse, as well as their timings, to provide the basis for future automated tests.
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GameDriver promotes itself as the perfect tool for anyone who wants to streamline their game testing process. At the core, the software is built to help build scalable, automated tests that can help big and small teams save time and money while delivering a better final release. With a large list of support for game engines, test frameworks, and execution platforms, GameDriver is built to be accessible to anyone in the game industry, looking to release better tested games, and relive crunch along the way.

GameDriver is available in Free Trial, Tester Edition, and Enterprise Edition tiers. The company is proud to offer free licenses for educators and start-ups through their Ambassador program, so that they can support the gaming industry and emphasize the importance of testing.

For more about GameDriver, follow their social media: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn. Or you can also join their Discord server or request to join their Slack community by emailing

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