Gameforge Announces Their 1st Big Single Player Title, Trigon: A Space Story

Gameforge Announces Their 1st Big Single Player Title, Trigon: A Space Story 3

Gameforge is a publisher well known in the massively multiplayer online space for their titles such as Swords of Legends Online and AION, but they’ve just announced their first foray into single player game Trigon: A Space Story.

Trigon: A Space Story, is a SciFi roguelike strategy game that has been in indie development by the small studio Sernur.Tech, which didn’t get their start in game development, but an actual large goat milk farm in Russia.

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The studio that formed in August of 2019 and consists of two gamers who wanted to see their dreams of an FTL: Faster Than Light sequel come to fruition after knowing there would be no direct one. Since then, they have set out on the path to creating an FTL-inspired title that would be “the perfect sequel.”

Co-founder of Sernur.Tech, Kirill Koltsov explained “I and Taras are farmers and occasional entrepreneurs. We have our goat farm and a plant for the manufacturing of goat milk-based products in Russia. This is a family business and we have been doing this for ten years. But as often happens, children do not always want to follow in the footsteps of their parents, and we are no exception. We’ve always played video games and dreamed of making our own game one day.”

These fans of FTL followed their dreams, and what started as a small side-project turned into a fully-realized title shortly after a studio was formed with Koltsov and co. “In May 2019, we decided to shoot for the stars. What kind of game do we want to play? FTL, but with a captain and free exploration of the galaxy,” says Koltsov.

Ftl: Faster Than Light Screenshots For Windows - Mobygames
FTL: Faster Than Light

Koltsov also mentioned “Initially only 5 people onboard, we made a successful alpha that earned us tons of player feedback and was wishlisted over 50,000 times on Steam alone. Since then, the team has continued to grow, we got an office, and we initiated talks with several publishers. Gameforge appreciates our project and understands how our indie studio operates, so we decided to partner with them as we continue recruitment and development and prepare to take new players on our journey to outer space.” regarding the team up with publisher Gameforge.

Vice President of Products at Gameforge, Noemi Feller explained “We are gamers at Gameforge, first and foremost. That is how all of this started for us with a Game nearly 20 years ago. Oftentimes we come across some really fun indie titles that deserve a closer look, and Trigon: Space Story has been exactly that for us right from the start,” in support of the ambitious product, and in hopes of more partnerships with more indie studios can happen in the future at Gameforge.

Trigon: Space Story has players captain a starship, where everything from the weapons to the crew must be managed. The procedurally generated universe offers plenty to explore as players work through four chapters of the story campaign, with nine sectors each containing 10+ individual systems. With countless challenges in their way, the procedurally generated roguelike will give players a new adventure every run and will force players to truly learn the meaning of “Improvise, Adapt, Overcome.”

Gameforge Announces Their 1St Big Single Player Title, Trigon: A Space Story
Trigon: A Space Story

Key Features:

  • Control Your Ship As The Captain: Everything is in the players hands, it’s up to you to lead and inspire your crew, and make life or death decisions.
  • Build the Greatest Ship: Equip your own U.S.S. Enterprise with over 70 types of weapons including lasers, turrets, plasma cannons, bombs, drones, the sky’s the limit, but further.
  • Many Races And Cultures: There are many intelligent species out there with different focuses on culture such as the Spartan-like Rakkhi, and of course Humans make an appearance.
  • Master Of Your Own Destiny: Choice is key in Trigon, you can find a damaged ship with a crew that needs rescuing and their fate is in your hands. Do you take the Paragon route and save them, or finish them off while they’re weak and loot the wreckage?
  • Rogue-like, In Space: A procedurally generated universe ensures not only a new run everytime, but a wealth of different occurences. This forces players to learn, adapt, and craft their way to victory.
  • Story-rich: A story mode with 4 chapters and 4 different perspectives from each species, all of which possess their own quirks and have their own part to play in the overarching plot.

There is currently a demo available for fans to play on Steam, and those who wish to add it to their wishlist can by following the Steam link.

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