gamescom Hosting Metal: Hellsinger For a Hardcore Gaming Concert On August 25

Gamescom Hosting Metal: Hellsinger For An Exciting Hardcore Gaming Concert On August 25

In what is advertised as the biggest concert in gamescom history, Metal: Hellsinger and its celebrated musicians will take the stage on August 25th to perform music from the game.

In what could be described as a marriage between Doom and high quality metal music, the rhythm FPS from publisher Funcom and developer The Outsiders, Metal: Hellsinger will take its talents to the live performance stage when gamescom comes around. Many of the game’s renowned vocal talents will perform live in front of what’s considered to be the largest gamescom concert ever.

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Confirmed Vocalists Performing Metal: Hellsinger at gamescom

Metal: Hellsinger is already bringing hell to Steam, by shooting past huge releases in the popularity rankings like The Callisto Protocol, and Gotham Knights. The best part is the event is completely FREE and will be open to thousands. Those who can’t make the event of course will be able to witness the carnage on a livestream which will be detailed in the near future.

Gamescom Hosting Metal: Hellsinger For A Hardcore Gaming Concert On August 25

The fans attending gamescom will also be able to attend the event for free, and the first 200 of which will be able to net a swag bag of sweet Metal: Hellsinger merchandise just for being one of the lucky few that show up to the event first.

Metal: Hellsinger was announced back in 2020, and brings first person shooting to the rhythm genre. As the player slays to the beat of the music’s drum, the music becomes more intense, and so does the gameplay, a novel design.

Gamescom Hosting Metal: Hellsinger For A Hardcore Gaming Concert On August 25

Metal: Hellsinger releases on September 15 for PC (Steam), PS5 and Xbox Series X, whereas the concert opens its doors on August 25th at 7 p.m. CEST (1 p.m. ET). For fans looking to get more info regarding the exciting title, they can visit the Metal: Hellsinger website for more information.

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