Gearbox Software Director Defends CEO Randy Pitchford in Linkedin Post

| April 13, 2020
Gearbox Software Director Defends CEO Randy Pitchford in Linkedin Post

Gearbox director Maxime Babin defended CEO Randy Pitchford amid accusations of underpaying staff after the development of Borderlands 3 and an alleged assault on a voice actor from the series.

In an extensive post on LinkedIn, Barbin stated everyone from Gearbox had an independent reward system for benefits while Pitchford made contributions to give 30 per cent of the company to employees. He also told readers Pitchford “had to face the disappointment of his friends and colleagues” when the revenue for Borderlands 3 was higher than expected after launch.

Pitchford was also accused to gaining a $12 million bonus in 2016, leading to a string of lawsuits involving former company lawyer Wade Callender.

The statement dove into the game’s projections, citing the game had profited more than expected while staff were kept updated in a series of company-wide board meetings.

“We have not got stiffed by anyone,” Barbin wrote, adding the company’s practices were open. “These projections were displayed as an act of transparency and never made into any promises. Be cool.”

Babin also revealed Pitchford had given the team more control at Gearbox following his latest decision and anybody participating in the 30 per cent “giveaway” would be reimbursed as “part owners of the company.”

He also hoped his message would “correct” those looking to alter the truth as Pitchford became the subject of “misunderstandings and misinterpretation.”You can view the full statement here.

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