Gearbox Hiring for Possible Borderlands 3 Writing Position

| October 17, 2017
Gearbox Hiring for Possible Borderlands 3 Writing Position

Gearbox, the studio behind the popular Borderlands series, is looking for a writer willing to join a team currently working on an unannounced AAA first-person role-playing title.

Although not mentioned by name, taking a look at the job posting, Gearbox alludes to Borderlands 3 or at the very least, a writing position related to the Borderlands property:

“…to write, punch up and iterate scripts in-line with an established story and plot outlines.”

The critical point to take away is that Gearbox is currently looking for a writer that can work on an already established story, something in which Borderlands is rich, with three games and offshoot titles under its belt.

To further fuel the existence of Borderlands 3, several months ago, Take-Two Interactive teased fans by stating that a “highly anticipated” title was in the works for release sometime in 2019. If Borderlands 3 is indeed in development, it makes sense that Gearbox would be looking for more writers as the game matures and gets closer to a possible 2019 release window.

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