Genshin Impact Leaks Turn Legal & Players Receive Infringement Notices

genshin impact leaks turn legal amp players receive infringement notices 23042604

The torrent of leaks Genshin Impact has fallen victim to earlier this week has come to a head today, as thousands of players receive legal notices in response.

The latest Genshin Impact leak sprung only a week after the release of Version 3.6, seeing the arrival of a new banner and the grand Akademiya celebration. The leaks involved a better look at the heavily teased Fontaine region and, more importantly, notable characters featured in the upcoming region expansion set to arrive when Version 4.0 hits, potentially including how players will arrive in the Hydro Archon region.

While in-game lore does an excellent job of teasing the next region, leaks have blown the door off the hinges in regard to underlying details, including character concept images. The previous Reddit post showing more details has since been removed, with the r/Genshin_Impact_Leaks page changing their subreddit rules due to infringement notices with “Recently, communication has been received that the subreddit has received a high number of notices for infringing content, and it is encouraged to make changes to address this problem” at the top of the thread. The new character concepts can be seen below.

Genshin Impact Leaks Turn Legal Amp Players Receive Infringement Notices 23042604 1

The image above allegedly shows two potential new characters called Lyney (5-star Pyro Bow user) and Lynette (4-star Anemo Sword user) and is corroborated by notable Genshin Impact Twitter leak account @SpendYourPrimos. Potential SPOILER WARNING: The Tweet stream can be seen below with all of the leaked details regarding Fontaine, and characters (Take note: the posted leaks, however real they seem, should be taken with a grain of salt until an official HoYoverse announcement).

While the legal notices wouldn’t mark the first time Genshin Impact has taken aim at leakers, it seems to be the largest, as the community has taken notice this time around with rule changes. It’s worth noting the infringement notices haven’t disturbed the modding community of Genshin, with some pretty impressive mods that see an Elden Ring x Genshin Impact crossover. One scene sees the Raiden Shogun character Ei playing the part of Malenia in a confrontation with the female-modelled Traveler protagonist of Genshin as the created Tarnished.

Fans will have to wait for formal announcements regarding Genshin Impact for any of the leaks to be proven. In the meantime, fans could take a look at HoYoverse‘s newest title, Honkai: Star Rail, as it has officially released today.

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