Ghost of Tsushima Director’s Cut heads to PS4 and PS5 on August 20

Ghost of Tsushima E3 2018 First Look: Mud, Blood and Tempered Steel 2

The much-talked-about Ghost of Tsushima Director’s Cut has officially been announced on the PlayStation Blog, it’s coming to PS4 & PS5 on August 20th.

It’s been almost a year since Sucker Punch’s feudal japan samurai game came out and the Director’s Cut is looking to include a lot of enhancements and additional content this August. The new edition on PS4 and PS5 will include the original game, every piece of additional content released and a brand new expansion that takes place on Tsushima’s neighbouring island, Iki Island.

Jin Sakai’s journey takes him to the island of Iki in a brand new story where he will investigate the rumours of Mongol presence. It’s never that simple as Jin “finds himself caught up in events with deeply personal stakes that will force him to relive some traumatic moments from his past.” That all that is known at this time but expect new characters, environments to explore, armour for Jin and his horse, mini-games, techniques, enemy types, and much more. Oh, and of course, players will get to pet new animals too.

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With Ghost of Tsushima making its debut on PS5 expect some exclusive features coming to the recently released console. Thanks to the PS5 and its power to render cinematics in real-time, Ghost of Tsushima will now offer lip-sync for the Japanese voice-over which is great for players who want to experience the setting’s native language. The game will also take advantage of haptic feedback in the game, as well as drastically improved load times, 4K resolution options and framerates targeting 60 FPS.

If you’re looking to continuing where you left off on PS4, you’ll be able to transfer your save to the PS5 version. The Iki expansion isn’t post-game content as you will be able to get into the new story content as soon as you’ve made your way to the Toyotama region in Act 2 of Ghost of Tsushima.

Ghost of Tsushima Director’s Cut will launch on August 20th, it will cost $59.99 USD on PS4 and $69.99 USD on PS5. Now if you already own the game either physically digitally you don’t have to buy the game over again but there is an upgrade path fee sadly. Ghost of Tsushima PS4 players can upgrade to PS4 Director’s Cut for $19.99 USD or the PS5 Director’s Cut for $29.99 USD. Alternatively, if players want to play the PS5 version later but still want to play the Director’s Cut on PS4, there is a $9.99 USD fee to upgrade from the Director’s Cut on PS4 to the one on PS5.

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