Ubisoft Takes the Hood off of Ghost Recon: Breakpoint

Rumble in the Jungle

Ubisoft Takes the Hood off of Ghost Recon: Breakpoint

As promised by Ubisoft’s official Ghost Recon Twitter account, the next series in the entry, Ghost Recon: Breakpoint, a sequel to Wildlands has just been announced.

Ghost Recon: Breakpoint takes players to its brand new setting, the Auroa Islands, a series of private compounds owned by the CEO of Skell Technology, Jace Skell. Incidentally, Skell happens to specialize in autonomous drones, a technology rife in its applicability in videogames. The original Wildlands was set in a very dry, desert setting, which made for an interesting open world game. Ghost Recon: Breakpoint, seems to spice things up with its tropical setting, reminiscent of games such as Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain.

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Like Metal Gear Solid, Ghost Recon: Breakpoint also introduces a new prone camo mechanic, giving players the ability to hide in plain sight, almost like a certain type of snake.

In addition to densely forested jungle areas, Ghost Recon: Breakpoint also seems fairly dense with its indoor environments, with footage from the Alpha live stream, showcasing off populated offices and picturesque gardens, offset by both the rain of gunfire and literal rain. In terms of narrative, players once again assume the role of Nomad, this time, tasked in infiltrating Skell’s HQ, in order to take control of his rampaging drones.

In an interesting twist, one of the main antagonists’ within Breakpoint, is the character, Cole D. Walker, a former Ghost which Ubisoft just introduced in a recent Operations Oracle DLC pack for Wildlands.

Aside from a new location, Ghost Recon: Breakpoint promises to bring with it a new class system, of which the individual player character can hone within the 3 modes of play, Solo, cooperative and versus, which Ubisoft promises will all be available at launch. A new camp system, referred to as Bivouacs will allow players to set up shop, anywhere within the game world, acting as a means for the player to change their loadout, heal, change the time of day and check the weather forecast.

Finally, Ghost Recon: Breakpoint will introduce new expansions or robust downloadable content, every 4 months, after the title’s initial launch. Borrowing from Ubisoft’s the Division series, Breakpoint will for the first time in Ghost Recon history, include raids (with new ones, presumably being added via downloadable content).

Ghost Recon: Breakpoint will launch October 4, 2019 for Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC.

Zubi Khan
Zubi Khan

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