God of War Ragnarok Gets Its Own PS5 Bundle In Time For Release

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With God of War Ragnarok‘s release literally right around the corner, Sony whipped up some PS5 bundles with the game to entice consumers to jump to next gen.

Sony’s PlayStation has shown many forms since its release way, way back in 1994, and with the many forms—slim versions, pro versions, versions with a screen, etc—comes exclusive limited edition console variants that showcase the Sony love for their first party titles. Today, they’ve announced a PS5 bundle, with the latest God of War Ragnarok title shooed in, with the release date around the corner. The announcement can be seen below.

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With the evolution of the PlayStation console and the God of War franchise, Sony has been known to release specialized limited consoles that have different colourways in celebration of these releases. A Red PSP for the portable Chains of Olympus title released emblazoned with Kratos’ face on the back. There has also been a Red PS3 console to signify Sony’s favourite spartan in bundle form, and the PS4 Pro got a Nordic rune-etched PS4 Pro to celebrate the first God of War set in Norse mythology. The PS5 didn’t get so lucky.

God Of War Ragnarok Gets Its Own Ps5 Bundle In Time For Release

God of War Ragnarok has also inspired an exclusive PS5 limited DualSense controller, complete with Nordic etchings announced at Sony’s latest State of Play 2022. The God of War Ragnarok PS5 bundle looks kind of vanilla in comparison to the previous love Sony has shown God of War in the past.

While the bundle does include the new title, that’s literally all it does to differentiate the bundle from the plain PS5 console. The bundle does not come with the Kratos-flavoured DualSense either, which may feel disappointing to some fans.

The highly anticipated God of War Ragnarok title will release just under a month away on November 9, along with this new PS5 bundle.

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