Google Keynote Embraces AI Revolution At Google I/O 2023

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During the annual Google I/O Keynote 2023, the massive tech company went all-in on AI and how it can be used in many of the Google Apps users trust.

The massive Google Keynote 2023 is home to all the technological advancements Google has made over the past year and what’s to come for the future of the brand that built the everyday search engine. While it was expected that Google would outline its future AI-based technology, the Google I/O presentation was dripping with all things AI, from the previously announced Bard and Gemini concepts to how even its base search engine could benefit from AI integration.

The Google Keynote 2023 kicked off with CEO Sundar Pichai showing the hype of what the company has in store for the future regarding AI technology, outlining many features the company will allow users to utilize in the coming days.

Google Keynote 2023 – Duet AI/Workspace Labs

While the features surrounding Google Workplace were announced a few months ago, today, Google jumped right in and gave consumers the details on the more practical aspects of AI for basic app usage. Google is now calling the technology “Duet AI,” and its functionality can be used on a daily basis with the many Workplace apps that users rely on constantly.

Google Keynote 2023 Huge Ai Announcements 23051005
  • Gmail & Docs – This functionality allows users to format and structure emails and working documents easily with AI help, allowing the tech to do the work so you don’t have to. This functionality is available now. Gmail AI Contextual response is supposedly arriving at the end of the month.
  • Generation of images from text to utilize in Google Slides was also given the floor. This concept showed almost any image is possible to generate. The presentation at the Google Keynote 2023 used the notion of a consumer having one hour before a massive presentation and having nothing to present as the precursor for this tech, and within minutes there was almost a fully complete slideshow. This concept will be available at a TBD date next month.
  • “Help me Write” – this brand new concept was revealed at the Google Keynote 2023, and utilizes AI technology from the smartphone. Workspace VP Aparna Pappu said this technology works the best with Gmail on the go considering “we expect people to use far shorter prompts when asking AI to help them write mobile, and we’ve had to tune our experience there to create the best possible output with the least possible input” suggesting a more responsive person with the AI. A smaller keyboard with more focus from the user allows this feature to be utilized to the best ability.

A more whimsical aspect of the Gmail AI features allows the user to use the “I’m feeling lucky” button to ask the AI to do something flavorful, basically. In one example, the AI wrote simple poetry or rewrote an email in pirate dialect. The “help me write” feature has a TBD release date. Interested users can sign up for the Workspace AI waiting list here.

Google Keynote 2023 – Bard

Google Keynote 2023 Huge Ai Announcements 23051005 1

Google Bard was given to testers back in February, and the demo resulted in an overwhelming failure, Bard was given the floor in the Google Keynote 2023 presentation. CEO Sundar Pichai said that Bard’s initial failure was due to “Google’s conservative approach to AI development,” and today’s keynote proved that Google is now anything but conservative when it comes to AI.

For starters, Bard has been upgraded to use an improved Pathways Language Model, dubbed PaLM 2, to work leagues better than when it was first introduced in February. The presentation took advantage of the newly improved technology by asking questions while writing source code. The Bard AI was able to transcribe the code sequence and explain the exact reasoning as to why it had to be done completely that way.

The Google Keynote 2023 presentation also showed Bard’s new use with Adobe Firefly. Without a specific timeline, Google showed Bard’s ability to create images out of thin air with menial descriptions. Not only that, but the technology was able to identify what was in certain images with Google Lens compatibility. While Bard’s first showing was a boo-off stage, the Google Keynote 2023 righted the ship with the many features shown that allow Bard to provide a solid encore. The release date for the new Bard is TBD.


Further, the Google Keynote 2023 presentation also unveiled Bard’s new usage with Adobe Firefly. Without a concrete timetable, Google showed Bard’s capability to produce images out of thin air with menial descriptions. Additionally, the tech could discern what is in specific images with Google Lens compatibility. While Bard’s first showing was a boo-off stage, the Google Keynote 2023 righted the ship with the many features shown that allows Bard to provide a solid encore. The release date of the new Bard is TBD.

The Google Keynote 2023 presentation showed the company’s all-in approach to AI development while implementing advanced AI technology into all of its mainstay applications including the bread and butter of its business, the search engine. It’s worth noting that while all of this technology is exciting, Dr. Geoffrey Hinton — referred to loosely as ‘the godfather of AI’ — quit his job at Google to warn of the dangers of AI, and just yesterday, he said in an interview with CNN to voice his opinion on the matter.

Consumers can watch the entire Google Keynote 2023 below for more information.

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