Google Reveals the New Pixelbook Chromebook

Google Reveals the New Pixelbook Chromebook

It was all but fully revealed before the event, but today Google announced the Google Pixelbook, a new flagship level Chromebook directly from Google.

The small Chromebook promises all the features you would hope from a high-end laptop, only running on Google ChromeOS. Google promises the device will be one of the most versatile convertible laptops to date, with the ability to move the keyboard out of the way when not needed, but be available to the user with ease.

The 12.3 inch QuadHD LCD display promises vibrant lifelike images, and the 235 PPI should be more than enough to ensure anything from web pages to Netflix look amazing on the display. The laptop also promises to be the thinnest laptop Google has ever produced. At only 10mm thin and having a weight of 1KG, it would be great for anyone on the go or used to constant travel.

With the Pixelbook, Google also announced a new pen, developed with the help from Wacom. This new pen at $99 USD ($129 CAD) promises 10ms latency, 60 degrees of angular awareness, and 2,000 level of pressure sensitivity, making it a great option for artists on the go. And with the full Google Play store at your disposal, there are a slew of drawing apps at your fingertips.

With The Pixelbook being the first laptop with Google Assistant built in, the pen does not stop there. As you work or as you surf, you can use the pen to highlight, circle or point to allow the Google assistant to find out details without ever leaving the app you are working in.

Google has also ensured that even though the Pixelbook is considered a Chromebook, it still has top of the line specs. Coming equipped with either an Intel i5 or i7, 16GB Ram, and up to 512GB solid-state storage, this is a laptop that has the power you need to get work done.

Addressing many of the issues seen on past Pixel Laptops, the Pixelbook boasts a 10-hour battery that can be charged up to 2 hours in only 15 minutes. Since the Laptop is USB-C, you can even use the charger from your Pixel Phone to top it up when needed.

If you happen to have a Pixel Phone, the Google Pixelbook can jump onto using the phone’s data with ease should your wireless drop at the location you are working. Google did not go into detail on how to turn this off, should you be low on data, although we will explore this feature when we dive into the laptop for review.

Launching on October 30th, the Google Pixelbook will start at $999 USD ($1,299 CAD) with the option to spec up to a $1,649 USD model and will be available in the USA, Canada and the UK. Preorders for the laptop will be online starting today, with it available in the Google Play Store and retail outlets at launch.

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