Google Stadia Reaches 1 Million Users

Game Streaming Platform Booms
| Apr 23, 2020

The Google Stadia is getting a boost in users after launching its free two-month promotion early April.

According to GamesIndustry, data showed the platform crossed one million users around the world while over 225,000 iOS and Android users downloaded Stadia in a single week. Compared to its original November 2019 launch, downloads in 2020 went 50% over the number.

Its last 30 days were also significant in drawing in over 326% more users since the offer started on April 8. Of course, Stadia’s interest peaks to many users practicing self-isolation during a worldwide pandemic. Streaming services are also increasing as a means to pass time at home.

Google Stadia Reaches 1 Million Users
Image provided by Google

The Stadia platform looks to offer gamers an all-digital streaming experience with games, with leading titles such as Red Dead Redemption 2 and Doom Eternal receiving ports from studio support.

It’s still unknown if players will continue to stay on Stadia after finishing the two month trial. Before the offer was shared by Google, its free-to-start Stadia Base was announced to be in development and let players run games at 1080p over streaming.

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